Zentai spandex body suits latest trends

Zentai spandex body suits latest trends

Need to we even be shocked? Apparently, spandex body suits are now the “in thing” among Japan’s weird trend chasers, developing a neighborhood around it and calling it zentai, a portmanteau of the Japanese words zenshin taitsu, which literally indicates “full body tights.”



For some of these individuals who are into the whole spandex phenomenon, it is far more than just about squeezing themselves into tight body suits and being stared at by individuals. For some, like 20-year-old Hokkyoku Nigo, it means getting “liberated” by what other people think of them, given that, properly, you cannot genuinely see clearly other people’s reaction to seeing you walk down the streets in the sometimes colorful spandex of your choice. “I have led my life constantly worrying about what other men and women consider of me. They say I appear cute, gentle, childish or naive. I have always felt suffocated by that. But wearing this, I am just a person in a complete physique suit,” he says. You can discover all types of zentai groups on Facebook now, from addicts to fetishists, and yes, there are even zentai Pokemon costumes as nicely, just in case you are into that sort of thing.

An England-based group named The Zentai Project says that there is a certain joy in placing on the suit and transforming into a person who elicits amusement and curiosity from onlookers. A professor from Tokyo Mirai University, Ikuo Daibo, says this phenomenon is fascinating as a study in human nature, as the individuals who wear these suits are displaying their “deeper self” by anonymously expressing themselves by way of all these colorful and wacky zentais. He also thinks it is a reflection that Japanese society has a sort of “societal abandonment” that tends to make folks really feel lost and ” unable to find their function in society.” And some of them have located that sense of belonging and individuality by means of the zentai neighborhood. Daibo says it is a “very fascinating way of communication.”

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